Moshe Mizrachi


Birth Date 04/08/1980
Position Small Forward
Height 202 cm
Country Israel
Status Israeli
Description Grew up in Hapoel Holon… A left-handed small forward… Moved between starting lineup and the bench in the successful Junior and Youth NT's… Plays for Israel since a very young age… Received significant minutes in Holon as a youngster… Went with his U-21 NT friends following coach Harush to Jerusalem… Stayed the longest period of them all… Soft touch from outside… Must have his feet stable before the shot… Great athlete, can finish with a smashing dunk… Must improve his perimeter game (Dribble, pass, drive)… Settles too often for the J… Long armed defender… Can guard anyone 1-on-1… Theoretically can play as a 4, but rather not… Too many ups & downs… Like Yoav Saffar, another left-hander forward from Holon… Had some chances as a starter in Jerusalem due to injuries and roster changes, but never for a long term… Should be Israel's starting #3 one day… Loves to play in Usishkin, as the Reds won't forget his 4-4 three-point shooting in the final minute in 2002/03… European record of 26 points in 70% against Novi-Sad in the same season…
  • Relegated to the French Pro B with Racing Paris in 07/08
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