Guy Kantor


Birth Date 02/20/1974
Position Point Guard
Height 186 cm
Country Israel
Status Israeli
Description Grew up in Ramat Hasharon… Took the team's juniors to a cup final against Maccabi's Katash… Played in Coach Gershon's U-22 NT, but lost his place before the championship… Several times in Israel's extended squad, but only one performance in the away loss in Holland… Wandered too much, left Galil in mid-season because they brought Jack Morton on his spot… Even before finding a home in Ra'ananna, led Holon to an amazing third place as the leading domestic player… Had several options from Europe after finishing 03/04 season in France, but eventually chose Jerusalem… Veteran and wise playmaker, a true fighter… Excellent FT shooter… Improved his outside shot during the last years… Always had a useful penetration… An asset to every team with his spirit… Annoying on the ball defender… Rare assist-turnover ratio… Black worker… His most important bucket, a winning shot against Ulker in the Suproleague, was counted as a goal-tending… Proved he could score much as well in Ramat Hasharon: 30 over Bnei Hasharon, 29 against Rishon, 22 in Malcha and versus Nahariya… Won't reach this numbers in Jerusalem, but will return to be a good old backup point guard the crowd loves…
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