Thank You

So many people have helped us through out the seven-year existence of the site, it’s very hard to name them all. Those who started out with us and went on to different places, those who have been with us since day one and those who joined us as the years passed by.

Thanks to Danny Franko, Nati Cohen, Hod Ben Hertzel, Sagie Retner, Eran Sabag, Daniel Shashar and all the youth coaches for their support and assistance. Thanks to Yuval Buchnik, Raul Kazaf, Uzi Levi and all the tenths of loyal parents who helped us all these years and still do.

Thanks to all the players who helped us with reports through out the years. The list is so long it’s best not to name names, because we can’t risk leaving anyone out. Thank you all so much.

To all the players, coaches, managers and fans that sent us emails with compliments, comments, corrections and complaints, we appreciate the feedback and tried to take each email seriously.

Thank you to all the columnists who contributed to the site through out the years, Geva Kra-Oz, Ilan Kowalsky, Udi Hirsh and even Yarone Arbel from Salnews who started out with us.
Thanks to Naftali Goshen from the Israeli Basketball Association who criticizes us often for mistakes but helps out with every chance.
To Moti Gust, who created the old Safsal website and helped jump start the new one.
To Tzvika Mandeliv, our man in Natanya and a true friend.
To Scott Granowitz, our ambassador in the States.
To Eran Soroka who initiated the youth section of the site, which became an integral part of the (Hebrew) website.
To Hagai Falk, our man in Emek Izrael.
To Zvika Vites, the owner of the world’s largest statistical archive and the nicest guy you could ever meet.
To Jazzy Jay, famous stat guy for all the US colleges and leagues.
To Yaniv Pechter, our creative man in Holon.
To Udi Cahanim, who is always happy to help out.
To Eran and Efi Tesel, our guys in Ramat Gan.
To Lior Hecht, a real sweetheart.
To Uri and Doron Winter who push Safsal forward.
To Raanan Weis, Itzik Wieshof, Arie Livnat, Yuval Lidor, Eran Sela, Itay Shankman, Eran Weizman and the rest of the basketball journalists, this guys just can’t say no when someone asks you for help.

And of course, the current Safsal staff:
The caring and devoted Rafi Zilberman, you make the youth section of Safsal the most popular on the site.
The hardworking Harel Shamai, who took a train all the way up to Naharia just to watch a youth game.
The opinionated Yaoz Sever, always happy to pitch in and motivate.
The brilliant Uri Savir, despite being in the Army he still knows everything there is to know about Israeli basketball, and trust me you better remember his name.
Sagie Nir, our Men’s DII editor, thanks to you the league will finally get the respect it deserves.
To Orli and Lior Klinger, for the great job on building the new site from scratch and for your patience. You’re amazing and I hope the women’s site will give the sport a major push.
To all the newbies to the Safsal family, I wish you all good luck and have fun, hope to see many of you stick around for years to come.

Last but not least, a big thank you to my wife Sarit, for putting up with this madness called ‘Safsal’ on a daily basis. For the support, the understanding, the compromising and mostly for not filing for divorce despite my phone calls at midnight, hundreds of basketball games a year and the endless hours I spend on the computer. Thank you.

Shlomi Peri, Safsal editor.