Maccabi Waives Buford
Safsal ,12/05/2006
Rodney Buford, who was sidelined the last 3 games, was cut today by Maccabi Tel Aviv - the first foreigner to be replaced during the season in 8 years.

Rodney Buford was released today from Maccabi Tel Aviv. Instead of joining the team's journey to Athens, he'll leave Israel tonight and go back to his home land.

Buford, who haven't found his place in Coach Spahija's rotation since day 1, has postponed his cut shortly with good games against Rome and Ashkelon, but in the last 3 games didn't see court at all.

Buford is the first foreign player that Maccabi cuts in mid-season since Willie Anderson was replaced in the 98/9 season by David Benoit.

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