Buford Joins Maccabi
Safsal ,08/22/2006
Rodney Buford, who finished last season in Mariupol with which he won the Ukrainian double, signed for next season with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

After a long negotiation, tonight it's finally official: Rodney Buford (28, 1.96 m) signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv for next season and will replace Anthony Parker who left to Toronto.

Buford, who graduated from Crieghton in 1999, has played with several teams in the NBA, but suffered not once from suspension due to his fondness for light drugs. He has had two good seasons (With Memphis in 2002 and the Nets in 2005), but never played back to back seasons with the same team.

He started last season in the CBA, but moved to Mariupol, with which he won the championship and cup in Ukraine, after defeating BC Kiev in the finals. In the past he has also played briefly in Europe with Rimini and Panathinaikos.

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