Randell Jackson is Back
Shlomi Peri ,10/14/2004
Randell Jackson is coming back to Israel and will play in Givat-Shmuel.
Jackson already played in Galil and Bney Hasharon.

Randell Jackson is coming back for the 3rd time to Israel. He first played in Galil Elyon in 01/02 and averaged 17.6 ppg, 5,8 rpg and 1.7 apg.
In 02/03 he played in Bney Hasharon where he scored 15.7 ppg and added 5.4 rpg, but left the team before the season ended. Now he will play in Givat-Shmuel alongside Chris Garner.
Jackson Graduated from Florida State in 1998 and spent one season in Washington Wizards.

Givat Shmuel will release Andre Perry,whose main problem was that he plays in the same position as Chris Watson.

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