Hot Rumor from Milano: Lardo's Going Home!
Safsal ,01/24/2006
According to a hot rumor from Milano, the team is going to announce tomorrow the release of Lino Lardo, who will be probably replaced by... The great Sasha Djordjevic!!!

Is Armani Jeans Milano going to change its face tomorrow? According to a source from Italy, the team will fire Lino Lardo tomorrow, and announce the arrival of Alexander "Sasha" Djordjevic to replace him. On Thursday, Maccabi Tel Aviv will be hosted in Milano.

Two months ago already there were talking about Sasha's return to the club in some position, but it didn't turned out eventually. In the summer, despite his retirement game was held in Belgrad, there were rumors that he's coming back for another season as a player.

After the team failed to make the Top 16, and is ranked only 7th in the Italian league despite spending top dollar in the summer (Bulleri, Galanda and others), it seems that Lardo's exit is closer than ever.

The 38 year old Serbian grew up in Partizan Belgrad. After scoring a winning three-pointer in the European Champions Cup in his 6th season for the club, he has left it for the first time and moved to two seasons in Milano.

He also played in Furtitodu Bologne for two seasons, before moving to a short and disappointing period with the Portland Trail Blazers. In the same season he returned to Europe, and signed for 2.5 seasons with Barcelona, from which he made the unbelievable move to 3 years in Real Madrid.

After he already retired once and didn't play at all in the 02/3 season, he returned to the court and signed with Pesaro. Last season he closed the circle, and returned to Milano, which he led to the playoff finals.

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