Belcher Probably Out for Season
Uri Savir ,11/07/2005
Cookie Belcher of Bnei Hasharon, who had a terrific start of the season, was injured badly last night and will probably not return this year.

2.5 minutes to go, Bnei Hasharon is trailing by 20+ points en route to their first loss of the season, and only Cookie Belcher hasn't given up on the game. Unfortunately, his drive ends with a bad landing next to Adrian Pledger, and for several minutes he's suffering on the floor as he's been taken to the nearest hospital.

Belcher has broken his hand, and will probably not return this season. Belcher, who was the first American in the team this season, and in 3 games he has averaged 21.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists in amazing percentages from all ranges.

"Safsal" wishes Cookie a quick recovery and an early return to our courts. Nothing but health, Cookie.

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