Galil Lost in Spain
Shlomi Peri ,10/12/2005
With 2 foreigners only, Galil Elyon led for 2.5 quarters, but a series of calls against Galil (3 unsportsmanlike and one technical foul) led to a 21-2 run by Badalona, who won the game, 90-77.

Juventut Badalona 90 - Galil Elyon 70
Galil trailed 45-46 at intermission, but a great run led them to a 58-50 lead at the 25th minute. A series of calls by Italian ref Lamonica, including 3 unsportsman like fouls and one technical foul led to a 21-2 run, and the game was pratically over.

Lior Eliyahu tallied 25 points and 6 rebounds, Jay Straight added 16 points, 7 assists and 5 turnovers. Other scorers: Lee 10, Kazarnovski 7, Izik and Gordon 5 each, Ohayon 4 and Marko 3. Fernandez led the winners with 20 points.

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