Harrington Signs with Rishon
Safsal ,09/17/2005
Greg Harrington signed today with Maccabi Rishon. He'll replace Kelley McClure, who didn't arrive to Israel.

Greg Harrington, a 1.88 meter guard who celebrates his 26th birthday tomorrow, signed today with Maccabi Rishon. He's replacing Kelly McClure, who signed earlier, but told the team he can't come.

Harrington graduated from Tulsa in 2002. He played there with Brandon Kurtz from Ashkelon, and won the NIT title in 2001. In his senior year, he led the conference with 5.2 assists and 85.7% foul shooting percentage.

In his three years in Europe, he never played a full season. He played in Cyprus, Purtogal, Austria and Poland. Last season he had 15.4 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.8 assists for Polish Astoria, who was swept in the playoff quarterfinals.

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