Ramat Ef'al Will play in D3!
Shlomi Peri ,09/01/2005
Ramat Ef'al, which promoted to the Premier League, has given up the chance and will play in the third league. Hod Hasharon and Zefat will play in the National League.

The people of the city decided: Ramat Ef'al will play next season in the Artzit (3rd division). The small team was supposed to play in the Premier League next season, after promoting from the National League only 4 months ago, but the city council decided that there's no use to sponsorising a team of such high level for the long run.

Coach Keren

The team's coach, Hanan Keren, said that if Ramat Ef'al wanted to, they could've raised the appropriate budget and even build a new stadium, but the team didn't want to invest so much money when there's no specific goal in the long run. Therefore, they've also given up the right to play in the second league.

After Afula/Gilboa's merge with Migdal Ha'emek, and the withdrawl of Ramat Ef'al, there are 2 open places in the National League, which will probably be occupied by Hod Hasharon and Hapoel Zefat.

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