Bney Hasharon gets Cookie
Shlomi Peri ,08/22/2005
Cookie Blecher is the first foreign player of Bney Hasharon.

Bney Hasharon signed Cookie Blecher (guard, 1.93, 27) who playyed all of his professional career at the italian Biella. Blecher graduated from Nebraska University at 00/01 and since then for 4 seasons played at Biella. In the last season he scored 10.9 ppg and added 3.9 rpg and 3.8 apg. he was released from the team in Late March after a knee injury.
His best season with Biella was 03/04. He finished that season with 15.4 ppg and 40.2% from the 3-pts arc.

Bney Hasharon will add to its roster also Nitzan Hanouchi, Israeli U-20 National team player, who will come back to the team after one year in Givat Shmuel.

Bney Hasharon are also very interested in Yotam Halperin.

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