Younger keeps on floating
Sagi Nir ,02/25/2005
Kiriat Ata's All around player, the guy who's always there for his team, Wins "Safsal"'s throphy. Tony Younger is "Player of the week"

He is the last Foreigner is the scoring list averaging "only" 19.2 pts per game, but this isn't a major issue for
Tony Younger
Scoring points, as Tony always says, is only one aspect of the game.
Elizur Kiriat Ata has made a revolution in the roster during thr mid season, the team seemed to have a crisis, and many players have been injured. Despite all, this week, 5 games before the end of the regular season, Ata has already ensured their position in the Playoffs.
Younger was injured 3 months ago, but Ata did not replace him even tough they had to play 3 games without him. They knew what they were doing. Tony contributes to the team with his presence, cooperative play and his confidence. He will do his best both in the point guard position or while guarding the opponent's big man.
Last Tuesday, with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 3 huge blocks, he was just phenomenal. Besides playing the game, Tony is a great guy, and deserves an award also for his contribution to youngsters

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