Ashdod 1st, Ramat Hasharon 2nd
Safsal ,03/12/2012
Ramat Hasharon got a key win in round 21 over Ramat Hen, who is no longer responsible for its own faith. Ashdod clinched 1st place with an OT win over Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Ramat Hasharon 74 - Maccabi Ramat Hen 58
Ramat Hen is in trobule. They must beat Holon in the last game of the season and pray Ashdod beats HaBikaa in order to stay in 4th place - Ashdod can basically choose it's semi finals opponent.

For Ramat Hasharon:
Amber Holt 24 pts
Alysha Clark 19 pts
Nicky Anosike 11 pts
Maurita Reid 8 pts
Jia Perkins 7 pts
Yael Aharonov 3 pts
Ayelet Cohen 2 pts

For Maccabi Ramat Hen:
Charde Houston 20 pts
Darxia Morris 14 pts
Kelsey Griffin 12 pts
Shiran Zairy 6 pts
Danielle Robinson 4 pts
Regina Galayda 2 pts

Maccabi Ashdod 90 - Hapoel Tel Aviv 81
Deanna Jackson had a chance to win the game from the line with 9 seconds to go, but she made only the first free throw to tie the game at 77, and the game went to overtime. In OT, Ashdod scored the 1st 10 points and didn't look back.

For Maccabi Ashdod:
Ashley Shields 33 pts
Tamera Young 22 pts
Plenette Pierson 12 pts
Brittany Denson 11 pts
Naomi Kolodny 6 pts
Brasheeda Elohim 4 pts
Merav Dori 2 pts

For Hapoel Tel Aviv:
Sherill Baker 33 pts
Deanna Jackson 15 pts
Alexis Hornbuckle 14 pts
Jinga Gosschalk 7 pts
Bari Levy 6 pts
Tanesha Washington 6 pts

Elizur Natanya 71 - B.C. Ha'Bikaa 79
Important win for HaBikaa which keeps them in the hunt for the final playoff spot.

For Elizur Natanya:
Ambrosia Anderson 24 pts
Jessica Lawson 17 pts
Angie Bjorklund 17 pts
Noa Ganor 7 pts
Okiesha Howard 6 pts

For B.C. Ha'Bikaa:
Jenna Smith 19 pts
Cetera DeGraffenreid 18 pts
Amanda Thompson 16 pts
Nyeshia Stevenson 9 pts
Liran Buchris 9 pts
Dana Yahalomi 5 pts
Inbal Mizrachi 3 pts

Hapoel Petah Tikva 70 - Hapoel Rishon Lezion 73
For Hapoel Petah Tikva:
Sheri Sam 22 pts
Kaili McLaren 19 pts
Chastity Reed 13 pts
Katarina Ristic 9 pts
Tal Ankona 3 pts
Hofit Veksler 2 pts
Shiri Porat 2 pts

For Hapoel Rishon Lezion:
Jori Davis 22 pts
Alexis Gray-Lawson 16 pts
Victoria Dunlop 13 pts
Brittany Spears 11 pts
Nofar Shalom 6 pts
Keren Nechama 5 pts

Elizur Ramla 95 - Raanana Hertzeliya 55
For Elizur Ramla:
Alana Beard 23 pts
Le'Coe Willingham 20 pts
Michal Epstein 13 pts
Katia Levitsky 10 pts
Laine Selwyn 10 pts
Tanisha Wright 10 pts
Amber Harris 7 pts
Yelena Kaminski 2 pts

For Raanana Hertzeliya:
Karima Christmas 20 pts
Kalana Greene 11 pts
Kerri Gardin 11 pts
Ketia Swanier 9 pts
Karin Agassi 2 pts
Shani Levi 2 pts

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