Round 5: Wins for the Top Teams
Safsal ,11/15/2010
Ramat Hasharon was nearly upset at home by Hapoel Rishon. Ramala without the injured Shay Doron destroyed Natanya. Ramat Hen beat Elizur Rishon, Raanana Herteliya edged Holon.

Elizur Ramla 86 - Elizur Natanya 68
Natanya actually started out better but with two minutes left in the 1st, Ramla gained the momentum and never look back. Natanya couldn't get anything right and saw Ramla, without the injured Shay Doron (ankle) push the lead up to 30 in the 2nd half.

For Ramla:
Tanisha Wright 25 pts, 7 rebs
LeCoe Willingham 21 pts, 10 rebs
Ornit Shwartz 11 pts
Lindsay Wisdon Hilton 9 pts, 11 rebs
Laine Selwyn 7 pts, 9 ast
Rivi Grinboym 6 pts

For Natanya:
Ashley Shields & Randee Henry 14 pts each
Ortal Oren 10 pts
Adi Lux 9 pts
Tali noy 8 pts

Electra Ramat Hasharon 57 - Hapoel Rishon Lezion 53
Hapoel led 17-6 after the 1st quarter. Ramat Hasharon got itself together in the 2nd with 22 points, but only led 28-26 at the break.

Things stayed close in the 2nd half, and Rishon would not let the locals run away despite missing Inbal Mizrachi and suffering from an awful shooting day by Whitington & Clark. Ramat Hasharon led 39-35 to start the 4th. With 90 seconds to play Clark cut it to 49-50 from the line, but Yael Aharonov & Camille Little with 4 straight points made it 54-49 with 35 seconds to go. Ramat Hasharon held on.

For Ramat Hasharon:
Camille Little 15 pts, 11 rebs
Alexsis Hornbuckle 14 pts, 9 rebs, 5 stl
Merav Dori 11 pts
Chante Black 7 pts, 9 rebs
Yael Aharonov 6 pts
Ayelet Cohen 4 pts

For Hapoel:
Danielle McCray 20 pts
Keren Nechama 10 pts
Rivka Ross 8 pts
Inbar Orion 6 pts
Kahdidjah Whitington 5 pts, 13 rebs
Alysha Clark 4 pts

Elizur Holon 69 - Raanana Hertzeliya 72
Raanana Hertzeliya started well and led 15-9 during the 1st, but Holon finished strong and took a 21-17 lead after 1. The game stayed close in the 2nd quarter and at the half the score was tied at 35. No team could build a lead in the 3rd quarter either, Holon led 52-49 heading into the 4th.

Raanana Hertzeliya was finally able to take the lead with 2:30 to play, 64-63. Shiri Sharon with a second straight steal led to a layup for Bobbitt and the game started to slip away from Holon, who trailed 63-67 after another turnover and a free throw by Sharon. Holon didn't give up and was only down 69-71 with 17 seconds left, but Raanana Hertzeliya was able to escape the foul until only 4 seconds remained in the game. Sharon from the line set the final score.

For Raanana Hertzeliya:
Christi Thomas 23 pts, 11 rebs
LaToya Thomas 16 pts, 8 ast, 7 rebs
Shiri Sharon 9 pts, 5 stl
Shannon Bobbitt 8 pts, 6 rebs
Shani Levi 7 pts
Brasheeda Elohim 5 pts

For Holon:
Sheri Sam 18 pts, 5 rebs
Revital Carmon 15 pts, 5 rebs
Bar Gilinski 14 pts, 6 rebs
Kerri Gardin 13 pts, 13 rebs
Edwina Brown 7 pts, 6 rebs

Maccabi Ramat Hen 80 - Elizur Rishon Lezion 68
For Ramat Hen:
Ashley Walker 24 pts, 7 rebs
Michal Epstein 17 pts
Tiffany Jackson 13 pts, 14 rebs
Ivory Latta 11 pts

For Rishon:
Jillian Robbins 24 pts, 7 rebs
Ashley Barlow 17 pts, 6 ast
Shirley Shabtai 11 pts, 5 rebs
April Phillips 10 pts, 7 rebs

Maccabi Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv
Techincal win for Ashdod since Hapoel did not show up for the game.

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