The League Voted: Walker MVP
Safsal ,03/27/2010
In an event held in Tel Aviv, the results of the end of season survey conducted by the basketball union were announced. MVP of the league, the 1st Team, newcomer of the year and coach of the year - the results are inside.

Between game 1 and game 2 of the finals, the league's players and coaches got together for the end of season event. They were asked to choose their winners out of a set list of five nominees. The winners of each category received a trophy.

Ashley Walker, Ashdod's excellent forward in her first season in Europe won the MVP title. She beat out her teammate Natasha Lacy, Kia Vaughn from Ramat Hasharon, Kristi Toliver from Raanana Hertzeliya & Monique Coker from Natanya. Walker averaged 20.0 points and 8.1 rebounds on the season, and improved to 22.8 points and 9.8 rebs in the playoffs while shooting a better percentage.

Joining Walker on the 1st Team were Lacy (4th in the league in assists per game with 5.6, also averaged 15 points and 7 boards game), Laine Selwyn from Ramat Hasharon(11.8 ppg, 4.9 assists, 5.4 rebs per game). Liad Suez Karni from Natanya and Noell Queen from Ramla (17.6 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 4.7 apg).

Boaz Tieb from Jerusalem picked up coach of the year honors, after leading Jeruslaem to the cup 1/4 finals and to a 6th place finish.

The Israeli player of the year is Liad Suez Karni, the captain of Natanya. She beat out Laine Sewln & Meirav Dori from Ramat Hasharon, and Noa Ganor & Michal Epstein from Ramat Hen. Suez Karni led all Israelis in points and rebounds with 14 pts and 6 rebs per game, and was 2nd in assists with 4.4.

The newcomer award went to Revital Carmon from Holon, who averaged 4 points and 4.6 boards in 19 minutes a game. She beat out Rivka Rus from Jerusalem, Roni Ben Nun from Natanya, Shiran Zairy from Ashdod and Karin Agassi from Raanana Hertzeliya.

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