Ashkelon Gives Up on Dean
Uri Savir ,01/07/2005
Elitzur Ashkelon has decided not to wait for Mark Dean any longer, and will bring Aaron Eneas for a 10-day tryout period.

---------------By Avi Yoffe-----------------
Mark Dean, who left Elitzur Ashkelon nearly two weeks ago in order to handle problems with his American passport, will not return to the team, which has decided to give up on him.

Ashkelon will test Aaron Eneas (26, 2.03 m) in the next 10 days, and if he would impress, he'll be signed. Eneas, like Dean, was born in the Bahamas, and so far this season he had played in Aviero (Portugal), where he averaged 15.9 points and 11.1 rebounds (second in the league) per game.

Just a few days ago he participated in the league's all star game. The Oklahoma City (NAIA) graduate has also played in the past in Mexico and Uruguay.

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