Rd 11: Champs Perfect Through 09
Safsal ,12/21/2009
Ramat Hasharon won its 2nd matchup with Ashdod, 70 – 60, mainly thanks to a defensive display by Kia Vaughn and company. Natanya climbed to 3rd place with a tough win over Raanana Hertzelia, Ramla had little trouble with Jerusalem. Ramat Hen & Holon won as well. League goes on break till Jan 4th, happy holidays everyone.

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Ramat Hasharon 70 – Maccabi Ashdod 60
Big win for Ramat Hasharon who's now 3 games ahead of the league and 10 – 0 at the break. In a defensive battle, the reds were in charge for most of the time and managed to hold Courtney Paris to just 16 points in her final game with Ashdod.

Natanya 97 – Raanana Hertzelia 90
Like in their first meeting, Natanya had a fight on its hands till the final minutes. Aggasi hit a transition three and Toliver scored to make it 88 – 91 with 1:35 to go. But Toliver's bad pass turned into a Kolodny fast break that gave Natanya the breathing room it needed to win.

Elizur Ramla 67 – ASA Jerusalem
Ramla broke away in the 2nd half and made sure its players will leave for the airport with a good feeling, even if they don’t have a return ticket.

Elizur Holon 82 – Hapoel Tel Aviv 59

Maccabi Ramat Hen 88 – Maccabi Tel Kabir 81

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