Toliver is Round 1's MVP
Safsal ,10/22/2009
Kristi Toliver didn’t leave us much choice with 33 points in Raanana's huge win at Ashdod. Besides her, you won't any other guards in this week's first team.

Round 1 MVP – Kristi Toliver
33 points on 25 shots isn't that impressive, but throw in 8 assists and the fact she scored her team's final 7 points and won the game at Ashdod, and you'll agree she's earned this one.

Round 1 First Team
Kristi Toliver – Excellent debut for Raanana Hertzelia's PG, shocking win at Ashdod.

Deanna Jackson – 24 points on great shooting and 17 boards in Ramla's tough win over Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Tiffany Jackson – was unstoppable against Natanya with 29 points on 73% shooting and added 11 rebounds in Ramat Hen's win.

Olayinka Sanni – the relatively unknown Raanana Hertzelia's center put up a great showing against Ashdod's twin towers with 23 points and 17 rebounds.

Courtney Paris – It wasn’t enough for a win but we couldn't leave out someone with 21 points and 22 boards. By the looks of things, Paris's spot on the first team is about to be pretty permanent.

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