Ramat Hen Adds Bobbitt, Gay
Safsal ,09/11/2009
After a very quiet offseason, Ramat Hen announced the signing of three American players and six Israeli players as five weeks remain before the start of the season. Who knows, maybe soon we'll hear something from Raanana Hertzeliya too.

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The cup holder is alive and kicking. Ramat Hen signed two new foreigners to join Ayana Walker who re-signed for another season. Also, Michal Epstein and Noa Ganor continue from last year as well, Lin Golan (Holon) and Dana Yahalomi (Bnei Yehuda) were added, as well as two young players from D2.

Ayana Walker returns for her 7th season in Israel, she started last year in Holon before moving to Ramat Hen near the end of the season. Walker scored 15.5 points and added 10.8 rebounds per game for Ramat Hen in the playoffs. Michal Epstein averaged 10.7 points and 3.7 rebounds, Ganor recorded 5.4 points in 17 minutes per game.

The new faces in Ramat Hen belong to point guard Shannon Bobbit and forward Carrem Gay. Bobbitt (23, 5'2), who plays for the L.A Sparks, is a University of Tennessee graduate where she won two championships with her current Sparks teammate. Candace Parker. Bobbitt, a natural point guard, doesn't see much playing time with L.A who prefer to play without a true PG most of the time. In 10.8 minutes per game she averages 2.2 points and 1.4 assists per game. In her rookie season she averaged 4.1 points and 3.5 assists per night.

Bobbitt came to the Lady Vols after two seasons at a Junior College and made history as she became the shortest player ever to get a scholarship at UT. Bobbit grew up in the Bronx, NY where she got the nickname "somethin' special" for her killer cross over and ball handling ability.

The 2nd new foreigner also grew up in New York, in Brooklyn, and is a graduate of the famous Christ The King high school. Carrem Gay(23. 6'2) is fresh out of Duke University, where she was a starter. Gay, a role player at Duke, averaged 6.6 points and 5.1 rebounds in 20 minutes per game as a senior for the Blue Devils. Gay is known as a good defender, shot blocker and for her specialty to draw charges, but she has also developed an outside shot late in her college career.

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