Ramat Hasharon Is 1st
Safsal ,03/02/2009
Ramat Hasharon didn't play a very good game but managed to win despite Ednisha Curry's heroic effort, 77 – 70.

Holon 70 - Ramat Hasharon 77
This wasn't a good game by Ramat Hasharon by any means aside for a short spurt here and there, but nonetheless they finished the regular season with a 7-game winning streak and at the top of the standings. Holon controlled the game and led for most of the time, until Curry's ankle injury halted their momentum and enabled Ramat Hasharon take charge.

Holon hit 4 out of 5 threes in the 1st quarter and led by as many as 9 points. After a slow start by both teams, 5-5 after nearly 5 minutes, a three by Curry sparked a 9-2 local run to make it 14-7. Laine Selwyn came in from the bench and tried to energize her teammates but Shiran Zairy with two threes helped Holon lead 22-15 after 1.

Jia Perkins started to heat up in the 2nd and along with Selwyn helped Ramat Hasharon get a 27-26 lead. It was very short lived as Adi Lux came off the bench and hit two threes. Ramat Hasharon started moving the ball well against Holon's aggressive defense and hit a couple of threes of their own to tie the score at 36, Holon led 37-36 at the half.

The game's deciding moment maybe came 4 minutes into the 3rd. Curry went up for a 3, hit it but came down on Selwyn's foot and rolled her ankle. She spent the rest of the quarter on the bench and watched Holon's 46-40 lead turn into a 46-56 deficit, as Ramat Hasharon raced on a 16-0 run. Holon did some damage control and trailed 51-58 after 3.

The lead grew back to double digits early in the 4th but Curry returned and hit two more threes, despite not really being able to put weight on her foot. It was just 59-62 but Ramat Hasharon scored the next 6 points and Holon had no more fight in them. Threes by Troina and Selwyn closed the deal with 3 minutes to go, 77-61.

For Ramat Hasharon:
Jia Perkins 18 pts, 7 rebs
Tatyana Troina 15 pts
Nomi Kolodny 13 pts, 6 ast, 5 rebs
Laine Selwyn 11 pts, 7 ast
Merav Dori 5 pts

For Holon:
Edniesha Curry 20 pts
Shiran Zairy 14 pts, 5 rebs
Edwina Brown 10 pts, 9 rebs
Ayana Walker 9 pts, 13 rebs
Adi Lux 8 pts
Bar Gilinski 5 pts
Lin Golan 4 pts

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