Round 11 MVP – Natasha Brackett
Orli Klinger ,01/24/2009
Natasha Brackett who scored a league-best 41 points and saved Natanya from an embarrassing loss at Tel Kabir is the round MVP. Joining her on the 1st team are Sheri Sam and Temeka Johnson who(sort of) beat Ramat Hasharon, Jia Perkins who still had a great game despite the (so called) loss, and Ramla's Katia Levitzky.
In 'After Shock', Safsal wonders about Hoffman, asks for instant replay and reviews the debuts.
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Round 11 MCP – Natasha Brackett
Tel Kabir or not, Brackett scored the most points in a single game this season with 41 and her team needed every one of them to avoid a loss. Natanya, playing with only 2 foreigners, trailed the whole game till the final minute. Brackett scored the first 5 points for Natanya in the 4th to cut it to 74-75, and didn't let Tel Kabir get away. She added 9 more points in the final quarter and bailed Natanya out with a 100-96 win.

Round 11 First Team
Temeka Johnson - Even though she went under the screen on Jia Perkin's last basket which gave Ramat Hasharon the lead with 90 seconds to play, Johnson was one assist shy of a triple double. 12 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists in Raanana Hertzeliya's key win.

Jia Perkins - If she didn't toss that blind ball out of the double team that led to Sam's game winner, she probably would have been round MVP. Perkins finished with 27 points on great shooting, including clutch baskets, but did not get the win.

Natasha Brackett - Huge game with 41 points, 14 in the 4th, she scored just 1 point less than Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Sheri Sam - Scored 16 out of her 18 points in the 2nd half, and won the game with a steal and layup.

Katia Levitzky - Great game for Ramla's young center with 21 points in 29 minutes in Ramla's win at Holon. She made 7 of 11 from the field and added 5 boards.

After Shock
Who needs posts?
Ebony Hoffman, the coaches preseason MVP pick, scored 4 points on 2 for 12 shooting in Ramat Hasharon's loss at Hertzeliya. In 11 league games she scored in single digits 5 times, and in the cup semis and cup finals she didn't reach 7 points per game. Hoffman is a versatile offensive player, but she can't do much if her team doesn’t play for her. Ramat Hasharon must find a way to get her involved, because unless they use their lone weapon under the baskets they won't get far.

Instant Replay
Half a season is behind us, and 4 games pop in mind when thinking about the men with whistles. Three of them were between Ramat Hasharon and Raanana Hertzeliya, plus there's the game Ashdod won in Ramat Hen with the controversial no call on Tamara Moore (still not sure if that was a foul). It's about time the basketball union allows refs to use the TV cameras in game deciding last second plays. It works in the NBA, the NCAA and the Israeli men's league. It's a shame to have a team's season decided by such events, and we've seen it happen before.

Quite a few players made their debuts in round 11. The best debut belongs of course to Sheri Sam, with 16 2nd half points plus the game winner. Tatyana Troina had a strong showing for Ramat Hasharon with 15 points, Jennifer Fleischer had 16 for Ashdod against Bnei Yehuda who got 20 from Kim Williams. Those who would like to forget their debut include Matalya Belvin and Abiola Wabara from Ramla. Belvin turned the ball over 7 times and missed 8 out of 10 shots, Wabara shot 3 for 11. Luckly for them Ramla still won.

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