Natanya & Holon in Cup 1/4s
Safsal ,10/30/2008
Elizur Natanya completed a third straight win against Tel Kabir to easily stroll into the Israeli cup quarter finals. Bnei Yehuda beat Holon by a point but was still eliminated because of Holon's 29 point game 1 win.

Natanya and Holon joined Ramla, Ramat Hasharon, Raanana Hertzelia, Ramat Hen, Hapoel Tel Aviv and Ashdod who automatically made the cup 1/4s. This year the 1/4s will be a one game affair. Two 1/4s games will be held on December 21st with the other two on the 22nd. The Cup semis will be on the 23rd and the finals on the 25th. Why on this special date? You'll have to ask the basketball union cause we sure can't understand.

Elizur Maccabi Natanya 77 – Maccabi Tel Kabir 45
For Natanya:
Tamara Runsburg 21 pts
Navonda Moore 20 pts
Ornit Shwartz 10 pts

Anna Szycko led Tel Kabir with 16 points

Bnei Yehuda 67 – Elizur Holon 68
Candace Futrell led the winners with 21 pts

For Holon:
Ednisha Curry 21 pts
Ayana Walker 14 pts
Edwina Brown & Adi Lux 9 pts each

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