National Pride
Safsal ,09/14/2008
All the post game reactions after Israel's nerve wrecking win over Great Britain, 75 - 69, a win that sent Israel to the European Championships in Latvia from the #1 spot in the group. Israel will make its first ever 2nd straight EuroBasket apperance.

Photos: Motti Klinger

Shay Doron

"I think it showed that we were very tired, mentally and physically. As
usual it wasn't simple but we did it like winners, qualified from 1st place. The girls are just amazing, it was just our character. We were done mentally from the Ukraine loss, we had no more energy, we wouldn't have won today without our

Liad Suez Karni

"It was a team effort, 12 players gave it their all today. This win wasn't about basketball, it was all about character, nothing was flowing right but we just said there is no way we're leaving the court without a win. We worked so hard and we deserved it, this is the best feeling in the world. GB is a lot better than their record and we knew it'd be tough, though not this tough.
From day 1 we talked about how this is a team of 12 and that's how we won all through the tournament and today as well. We had a great preparation and along with last year's campaign, we believed and did not fear any team. I'm proud of everyone for a great campaign, and I want to thank our coaching staff and everyone who supported us".

Eli Rabi

"We showed a lot of character, we've been using it a lot in every game. The road wins we had cannot be taken for granted. We had some very difficult minutes today, we played at home under a lot of pressure, but in the 4th quarter the
girls stepped up, played heroic defense and despite everything we came through with the win. I want to give a lot of credit to the girls, and I also have to thank my
staff. My two assistant coaches, Tal Natan and Meir Eliyaho, who are just as easily could have been the head coach. To our physiotherapist and team manager, and to everyone who supported. I've been in women's basketball for many years and I don't remember such exposure."

Tal Natan
"The Israeli national team is walking through the front door this time into the European Championships. This is our 2nd straight year there and it's a very positive trend. The real heroines are the girls, they deserve all the credit. We want to take one more step forward and succeed in the championship. When you aim high you can touch the sky. A lot of complements go out to Shay for a wonderful performance today but everyone else also sacrificed a lot on defense today. We were one team this whole campaign and that is how we won today as well."

Merav Dori

"We showed a lot of character, especially down the stretch. We're exhausted, it was not easy, it wasn't our best game but the most important thing is we were able to get it done in the final minutes."

Laine Selwyn

"We had a goal set out and we deserved it. They played great but I knew we would win, I had no doubt. We deserved it. I think this shows we have a bright future for our team, we're setting a trend now and I believe it's going to continue.
This says a lot for us, it's a huge accomplishment."

Katia Abramzon

Great Britain is a team that never gives up, this was a very difficult game psychologically. There was a lot of pressure, it's win or go home. It was very important to come in mentally prepared. I think we are a much better team but when the pressure is on you can sometimes crumble. In the end the right players made the right plays, Shay and Liron were excellent, our defense, we just fought."

Liron Cohen

"Some game it doesn't matter how you get the win, as long as you get it and that's what we needed to do today. Win and advance from 1st place. We did an amazing thing. It was our worst game of the campaign, but we knew how to step up and pull it out. We did it."

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