Basset Returns to Israel
Sagi Nir ,11/25/2004
Reggie Basset, ex-Galil Elyon has signed in Givat Shmuel instead of other ex-Galil, Randell Jackson. Ilan Kadosh has been also signed.

Another foreign player changes in Givat Shmuel. Reggie Basset, which led Galil Elyon to the playoff semifinals two years ago, has been signed to replace the disappointing Randell Jackson.

Basset (27, 2.06 m), who averaged 14.8 points and 5.8 rebounds in Galil, has been playing since in the Korean league.

Another addition in Givat Shmuel is Ilan Kadosh. The lefty playmaker hasn't started this season, after playing last year in Ashkelon, and previously in Haifa/Nesher, Kiryat Motzkin and Haifa BC.

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